Mission & Vision

The Ashwini twins are ‘Deva Vaidyas’- the Physicians of the Gods who treat and educate health to other gods. In the name and blessings of Ashwini Vaidyas, Ashwini Educational Association’s Ayurvedic Medical College & Post Graduation Centre was established in the year of 1992 with a great vision of scientific ayurvedic medical education and up gradation of Indian system of medicine to the student community, It is situated at Davangere ( smart city ) In the heart of Karnataka state. The campus is well established in 14 acres with 2 acres of herbal garden,which includes all medicinal plants.

Our College Mission & Vision & Motto

Our Vision

To Integrate the Practice of Ayurveda in health care over the world
To be one of the best institutions providing Scientific Ayurveda Education.

Our Mission

Move towards excellence in teaching and learning Ayurveda.
To provide best healthcare facilities for the community.


Our college motto is to provide education for students with tools to realize their potential, courage and vision to use this Ayurveda in service of humanity.

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